Policy Interpretation and Product Compliance
In 2019 and 2020, China revised and formulated dozens of national standards for VOCs in products. To date, most of the standards have entered into effect, and local administrations are expected to strengthen enforcement measures from 2021. To help stakeholders get prepared early, we collect related resources here, including training videos, reports, translations, etc.
Limits Translations Training Reports
Standard No. Name Release Date Implementation Date Price(USD)
GB 30981-2020 Limit of Harmful Substances of Industrial Protective Coatings Mar 4, 2020 Dec 1, 2020 559
GB/T 38597-2020 Technical Requirement for Low-volatile-organic-compound-content Coatings Product Mar 31, 2020 Feb 1, 2021 349
GB 38469-2019 Limit of Harmful Substances of Marine Coatings Dec 31, 2019 Jul 1, 2020 139
GB 18581-2020 Limit of Harmful Substances of Woodenware Coatings Mar 4, 2020 Dec 1, 2020 379
GB 18582-2020 Limit of Harmful Substances of Architectural Wall Coatings Mar 4, 2020 Dec 1, 2020 329
GB/T 23990-2009 Determination of the Contents of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene in Coatings by Gas Chromatography Jun 2, 2009 Feb 1, 2010 259
GB/T 26110-2010 Specification of Zinc-aluminium Flake Coatings Jan 10, 2011 Oct 1, 2011 139
GB 38507-2020 Limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Printing Ink Mar 4, 2020 Apr 1, 2021 149
GB/T 38608-2020 Method for Determination of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Content in the Ink Mar 31, 2020 Oct 1, 2020 169
GB XXXXX-XXXX Limits of Certain Heavy Metal in Printing Inks (Draft for Approval) Jan 1, 1970 Jan 1, 1970 349
GB 38508-2020 Limits for Volatile Organic Compounds Content in Cleaning Agents Mar 4, 2020 Dec 1, 2020 99
GB 33372-2020 Limit of Volatile Organic Compounds Content in Adhesive Mar 4, 2020 Dec 1, 2020 499
Title Date Price(USD)
Mar 18, 2021 99
May 20, 2020 99
Title Tags Price(USD)
VOC ProductsVOC LimitsSupervision 399
CoatingsTesting 199
Applicable scopeSupervision 299
ToysLimits 399
Level-1 Classification
Level-2 Classification
Level-3 Classification
Level-4 Classification
The GHS&EHS consulting team of REACH24H has deeply investigated the national policies and standards and established well cooperation and contact with universities, industry associations, and standards preparation committee since 2016. Based on the efforts, the team has provided professional consulting service on China VOC management for many known multinational corporations.
Regulation Analysis
We provide an analysis report of VOC regulations covering national/local regulations and policies, to help enterprises understand their obligations under the relevant VOCs laws, regulations, standards, policies on their own control requirements, such as the requirements for the import, production, sale of VOCs products, as well as corporate liability for illegality.
We work closely with a lot of renowned domestic testing labs to make sure we can fulfill our client’s needs at any time. Our in-house expert team will help communicate with labs and monitor the testing process to ensure we can provide efficient, accurate testing results back to the client.
We provide comprehensive consulting services on VOC regulations and provide customer-tailored reports. Our experts can provide feedback in Chinese, English, and Japanese.
Regulatory Tracking
We provide a periodic tracking report of VOC regulations related to products and a summary of updated regulation and standard enforcement in target regions.
Product Analysis Service
We help the client analyze the product category and if it meets the newly published VOC standard requirement.mport, production, sale of VOCs products, as well as corporate liability for illegality.