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South Korea: Guidance on Polymer Registration, Declaration and Exemptions
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The Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals of Korea (a.k.a “K-REACH”) requires registration of polymer itself. The Guidance on Polymer Registration, Declaration and Exemptions (70+ pages) was issued by the Ministry of Environment on December 17, 2019 to offer guidance on how to register/declare polymers and how to acquire polymer exemptions under K-REACH.

Chapter 1. Summary

  • 1.1 Polymers definied under K-REACH

  • 1.2 Procedures for identifying legal obligations of polymers

Chapter 2. Identification of Polymers

  • 2.1 Identification of polymers defined under K-REACH

  • 2.2 Confirmation of identification information of polymers (chemical name, CAS No., structural formula, etc.)

  • 2.3 Identification whether a polymer is an existing chemical

Chapter 3. Exemption from Registration or Declaration of Polymers

  • 3.1 Relevant rules on registration or declaration of polymers

  • 3.2 Confirmation if it is exempt from registration or declaration

  • 3.3 Preparation and submission of application documents for exemption from registration or declaration

Chapter 4. Registration or Declaration of Existing Polymers 

  • 4.1 Registration of existing polymers 

  • 4.2 Declaration of existing polymers having received hazard evaluation

Chapter 5. Registration or Declaration of New Polymers 

  • 5.1 Registration of new polymers at or above 100 kg per annum

  • 5.2 Declaration of new polymers less than 100 kg per annum

  • 5.3 Declaration of new polymers having received confirmation of exemption from hazard evaluation

Chapter 6. References

  • 6.1 General Polymers

  • 6.2 Q&A Examples 

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