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Emerging Chemical Regulations in Latin America

Melissa Owen
Monday , 18th Dec 2023

It is a pivotal time for the chemical regulatory landscape in Latin America. The region is moving beyond the rules for regulated products into adoption of new EU-inspired requirements that will impact industrial substances – in some cases for the first time. Chile, Colombia, and most recently Peru have now adopted their framework REACH-inspired regulations... and Brazil’s well-developed Bill is moving through Congress. What does all this mean for the foreign chemical manufacturer? Market access is going to be complicated by the new structures. With deadlines looming, now is the time to get your chemical registration house in order for Latin America.


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  • Overview of the current state of regulations in the region

  • Laws for Industrial chemicals vs. Regulated products

  • Drivers for the change

  • The new REACH-inspired Regulations in Chile, Colombia, and Peru

  • The Brazil proposal

  • Challenges for foreign chemical manufacturers

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  • International Lawyer& Latin America Expert
    Melissa Owen is an international lawyer and Latin America expert, guiding international clients on Latin American chemical regulations and ESG (environmental, sustainability, health and safety regulations) for the last 25 years. Mexican born, Ms. Owen is bi-national and multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, and French). Ms. Owen uses her cultural fluency to guide companies on legal aspects of their business in Mexico, Central, and South America. Her practice includes acting roles as regional inhouse counsel, inhouse auditor, counselling on regulatory and government affairs, and compliance across the region for Fortune 500 companies. She continues to be a thought leader on chemicals management and ESG issues in that region. Ms. Owen is a frequent contributor at international conferences on issues from chemical registration to e-waste. She is an educator on chemical regulations through her online Ambientelegal Academy and author of her weekly LinkedIn newsletter “Around Latin America.”