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Hazardous Chemicals Business License: Key Compliance Strategies and Case Sharing

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Lora Chen, Sabrina Wang
Thursday , 21st Oct 2021

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In recent years, the management requirements for hazardous chemicals have become more and more stringent. In addition to paying attention to the entire process and informatization of hazardous chemicals, the management department focuses on the supervision of hazardous chemicals qualification licenses, especially the issuance of hazardous chemicals business licenses. However, in the actual handling process, territorial management has led to differences in handling requirements in different regions. 

In addition, the actual situation of the company is different, and companies have many doubts about whether the product needs to be registered and how to apply for the certificate. Therefore, REACH24H organized this seminar to help companies solve these puzzles and help companies obtain business licenses in compliance.

  • Regulations and latest policies sharing

  • Experience sharing

  • Common case study sharing

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  • Senior consultant | Global GHS compliance
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    Ms. Sabrina Wang is from Industrial Chemicals Division in REACH24H, she is responsible for global GHS regulation tracking and hazardous management consulting. In addition, Ms. Wang also charges with Chinese dangerous goods and EHS regulation management. With her good understanding of registration procedures and the latest information on regulations, she has rich experience in delivering guidance and consulting services to global companies with various kinds of projects.