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South Korea Proposes a Brand-New Regulation on the Designation of Substances Subject to Authorization under K-REACH

South Korea will introduce a new regulation for designating substances subject to authorization under K-REACH in line with the draft amendments to K-REACH Enforcement Rules.

The concept of 'substances subject to authorization' has been proposed in K-REACH since 2015, however, there's no regulations promulged to specify how to designate and manage them. A new Article 34(2) was proposed to be added into the K-REACH Enforcement Rules on February 18, 2022 by MoE Announcement No. 2022-90 to clarify the criteria for the designation of candidate substances subject to authorization. In line with the Article 34(2), the MoE notified WTO on February 18, 2022 the draft Regulation on Designation, etc. of Substances subject to Authorization (hereinafter referred to as Regulation) and then issued it on February 22, 2022 by the MoE Announcement No. 2022-91 for public comments.

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