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GB/T 40006.1-2021 Plastics - Recycled plastic - Part 1: General rules
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GB/T 40006.1-2021 塑料 再生塑料 第1部分:通则
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Standardization Administration of China;  State Administration for Market Regulation
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Official GB/T 40006.1-2021 塑料 再生塑料 第1部分:通则
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GB/T 40006.1-2021 Plastics - Recycled plastic - Part 1: General rules
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The plastics industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. With the rapid development of plastics industry and the large-scale use of plastic products in China, recycling of plastics is an important issue faced by the industry and one of the ways for the sustainable development of plastics. It provides an effective way to solve environmental problems such as “white pollution”. 

At present, there is no product standard in the field of plastic recycling in China, and there is no standard to follow in the industry. Therefore, the national standards GB/T 40006 “Plastics - Recycled Plastic” were formulated. According to the characteristics of plastic products, GB/T 40006 is composed of 12 parts. The first part “General rules” stipulates the general requirements of recycled plastics such as nomenclature, terminology and odor level, restricted substance content, and radioactivity requirements. In addition to the common requirements of the general rules, the rest parts of standards stipulate the technical requirements for recycled plastics of material corresponding to the type of plastics. GB/T 40006 “Plastics - Recycled Plastic” is intended to consist of 12 parts.

This document is Part 1 of GB/T 40006. According to characteristics of different types of plastic materials, other parts of standards stipulate the characteristic properties of the corresponding plastic materials. Upon specifying these performance requirements, both the standard requirements for original plastic materials and the recycled characteristics of such plastic materials are considered.