MEE Opens Public Consultation on New Chemical Registration Transitional Measures The last transitional measure now is being heatedly discussed, for it may affect many companies who have submitted or propose to apply for registration this year under MEP Order 7 requirements. According to this measure, if the application process cannot be completed this year, the applicant will have to reapply under the new Measures, which are significantly different from the relevant requirements in the draft Measures, which were released last July. According to the draft Measures, registration applications that have been accepted but have not yet been approved were to be processed in accordance with the relevant provisions of Order No.7. Considering the impact proposed changes will have on compliance obligations and market access requirements for stakeholders, we suggest that applicants submit comments to authorities and avail of the opportunity to advocate for more industry-friendly transitional measures.
South Korea Publishes 16,905 Pre-registered Substances under K-REACH 179,793 pre-registration applications were submitted for 16,905 chemical substances. More than 11% of the pre-registered substances are manufactured or imported over 1,000 tonnes per year.
Vietnam National Chemical Inventory Nominations are Still Underway For the substances without CAS number, nomination through an e-mail may be acceptable. The authority is considering extending the period for enterprises to propose chemicals.
China SAMR to Launch Nationwide Examination of Product Safety and Quality in the Field of Hazchem On May 26, 2020, the General Office of the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) announced that action would be taken nationwide to examine product safety and quality of hazardous chemicals, packaging materials of hazardous chemicals and vehicle-carrying tanks which are used to contain hazardous chemicals.
WTO Notifies Thailand’s Amendment to the List of Hazardous Substances (Updated) In conclusion, the above 5 chemicals are proposed to be changed to Type 4, which means they will be totally prohibited. What’s more, the exemption condition for Chlorpyrifos, Chlorpyrifos-methyl and Paraquat dichloride are repealed as well.
  • Australia NICNAS publishes Chemical Gazette June 2020
    The Chemical Gazette is a Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. It is published on the NICNAS website on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • IEA Expects $400 Million Fall in Global Energy Investment in 2020
    Recently, the IEA warned that global energy investment could fall by 400 billion dollars in 2020, the biggest drop in the sector's history.
  • Australia AICIS Website to be Launched on July 1
    The NICNAS website officially retires on June 30, 2020 and will be succeeded by the new AICIS website on July 1, 2020.
  • China's Government Work Report Spurs Discussion in the Petrochemical Industry
    On May 22, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the Report on the Work of the Government during the Two Sessions. The report calls for efforts to reduce taxes and safeguard energy safety, which has spurred heated discussion in the petrochemical industry.
  • China Consults on Amendments to Annexes of Stockholm Convention
    Recently, China MEE released a notice, announcing to consult on three amendments to annexes of the Stockholm Convention, including Listing of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Its Salts and PFOA-related Compounds, Listing of Dicofol as well as Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid (PFOS), Its Salts and Perfluorooctane Sulfonyl Fluoride.
  • China Consults on 2020 Program to Address VOCs
    On May 15, 2020, China MEE published the draft 2020 Program for Comprehensive Treatment of VOCs to solicit public comments, with an aim to minimize ozone pollution in summer.
  • AICIS Categorization Guidance for Importers and Manufacturers
    On May 18, Australia published guidance to help importers and manufacturers categorize their chemicals under the AICIS framework.
  • China NEA: Work and Production Basically Resumed Across the Energy Sector
    According to the official website of the China National Energy Administration (NEA), the work and production of the energy sector has been basically resumed, which ensures sufficient supply of major types of energy.
  • AICIS Decision Tools to Help You Categorise Your Introduction
    Australia launched decision tools which are designed to help businesses categorise their chemical importation or manufacture (introduction) when used in conjunction with our Categorisation Guidelines.
  • Zhejiang Province Publishes First Provincial Positive List of VOCs
    Recently, Zhejiang Province published the Positive List of Seasonal VOCs subject to Enhanced Emission Reduction Measures.
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