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  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Challenges throughout the Product Lifecycle
    EPR is a policy approach that makes producers responsible for their products at the post-consumer stage of the lifecycle. What do you need to do to be EPR compliant? Explore this entralized hub, which brings together news articles, analysis, and updates specifically related to EPR regulations.
  • PFAS Focus: How Are the Forever Chemicals Regulated?
    Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest news and developments in PFAS regulations here. This dedicated resource is designed to provide you with valuable information and timely updates on the ever-evolving landscape of PFAS regulations.
  • China’s New Pollutants Treatment: A Long Way to Go
    New pollutants refer to toxic and hazardous substances that are discharged into the environment with characteristics of biological toxicity, environmental persistence and bioaccumulation, etc. They tend to possess significant risks to the ecological environment or human health, but are usually unregulated or the existing regulation measures are insufficient. As one of the largest chemical producers in the world, it is paramount for China to strengthen the regulation of new pollutants to mitigate potential risks to the environment and human health.