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HJ/T 153 - 2004 The Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals
Local Title:
化学品测试导则(HJ/T 153-2004)
Chinese Mainland
Competent Authority:
State Environmental Protection Administration (now MEE)
In force
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Official SEPA Announcement 66 of 2004 Three HJ/T standards concerning chemical testing_CN version
Official HJ/T 153-2004 The Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals (CN version)
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HJ/T 153 - 2004 The Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals

HJ/T 153-2004 was issued by the SEPA Announcement 66 of 2004, as one of the three standards concerning chemical testing.

As a nationally recommend standard, HJ/T 153 was formulated to further standardize chemical testing, safeguard human health and protect exobiological environment. It aims to provide technical support for the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (2003).

Aligned with the framework and content of OECD guidelines for chemical testing, the standard specifies testing criteria in terms of four aspects of chemical data: physical-chemical properties, effects on biotic systems, biodegradation and bioaccumulation, and health effects.

This standard is put forward by the Department of Science, Technology and Standards of SEPA

The Drafting Committees: Chemical Registration Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration (CRC-SEPA), Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences(CRAES), Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute and Second Military Medical University