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Technical Requirements for the Identification Information of New Chemical Substance Notification (trial)
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Chinese Mainland
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Chemical Registration Center of MEP (now SCC-MEE)
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Official CRC-MEP notice on the technical (trial) requirements_CN version
Official The technical requirements for the identification information of new chemical substance notification (trial)_CN version
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Technical Requirements for the Identification Information of New Chemical Substance Notification (trial)

This technical supporting document was released by the Chemical Registration Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (CRC-MEP) to standardize the naming and description of the notified new substances and other related identification information, pursuant to the MEP Order 7.

The identification information includes Chinese chemical name, English chemical name, CAS number, molecular formula and structural formula.

The document designates some official standards and guidelines for the notifier’s reference in describing Chinese chemical names for substances that have unique and identified molecular structures. Notifiers can also follow the current IUPAC mode of naming.

For substances that have no unique or identified molecular structure, notifiers can refer to their CA index names if CAS numbers are available; or follow the below principles of nomenclature if no CAS available:

  • Polymers - The principle of nomenclature of polymer chemistry (《高分子化学命名原则) (2005);

  • Mixtures and bio-chemical substances or materials –GB/T 23955 General principle for naming of chemicals;

  • Reaction products – described as the “reaction product of substance 1 and substance 2 (…and substance n)”.

  • Dyes and pigments – adopting C.I. name, exclusive of dyes and pigments that have identified molecular structures.

Section three and Section four are about detailed requirements for the description of the molecular formula and structural formula of the notified new substance.