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HJ/T 420 - 2008 The Guidelines for the Generic Name of New Chemical Substances
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HJ/T 420 - 2008 新化学物质申报类名编制导则
Chinese Mainland
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State Environmental Protection Administration (now MEE)
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Official HJ/T 420-2008 The guidelines for the generic name of new chemcial substances_CN version
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HJ/T 420 - 2008 The Guidelines for the Generic Name of New Chemical Substances

This HJ/T Standard was formulated to reinforce the practice of business and technical confidentiality protection in the registration of China New Chemical Substance Notification. It aims to provide technical support for the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (2003).

The recommended Standard applies to the making of generic names of new substances that are subject to the regulatory obligation of China New Chemical Substance Notification and that were not yet imported or manufactured in China prior to 15 October 2003. The technical content in producing a generic name for new chemical substances has adopted the internationally acknowledged method and practice, and it also brought in lessons of China’s IECSC Supplementation (re-nominating a chemical substance manufactured or imported in China to enter the IECSC) and some case-by-case experience from the New Chemical Substance expert review committee.

The Standard proposes 6 general rules of applying generic names for new substances; still, it focuses on the generic name of three types of new chemical substances, i.e. new substances with a definite chemical structure, without a definite chemical structure and new enzymes. Three normative appendixes of the standard are affixed as examples of the three types of naming method.

This standard is put forward by the Department of Science, Technology and Standards of SEPA

The Drafting Committees: Chemical Registration Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration (CRC-SEPA)