K-REACH: Manual on Preparation of Chemical Safety Report

K-REACH: Manual on Preparation of Chemical Safety Report

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Basic Information
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  • Release Date:Aug 07, 2017
    Implement Date:Aug 07, 2017
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Under the K-REACH regulations, for substances manufactured or imported at no less than 10 tons per year, the submission of a chemical safety report (CSR) is required as part of the registration process. The CSR documents the information on risks associated with the substances as well as descriptions of how to handle and control them. It is the key source from which a registrant provides information to all users of chemicals through the exposure scenarios.

This Manual describes the process of preparing hazard data, such as the Derived No Effect Level (DNEL) and human exposure levels, and provides various case studies and detailed illustrations, so as to help registrants understand the specific process of preparing hazard data. Registrants can compare their own documents with the case studies, so as to have a better understanding of the work. In order to avoid redundancy, those expatiated in the Guidance on Preparation of Chemical Safety Report will be stated briefly or omitted in the Manual. Therefore, to facilitate your understanding, we recommend that you can read the Manual coupled with the Guidance.


1. Regulatory Basis and Understanding of Enforcement Rules

2. Issues to be Confirmed before Preparation

3. Criteria and Flowchart of Preparation

4. Measurement of PNEC



7. Super-carcinogenic hazard

8. Exposure Scenarios

9. Environmental Exposure Assessment

10. Human Exposure Levels

11. Consumer Exposure Levels

12. Worker Exposure Levels

13. Safety Confirmation