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Open Class Program: Lifecycle Management of Chemicals (in Chinese)

1 Apr 2017 - 31 Dec 2017
Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou
REACH24H Consulting Group

Since the industrial revolution, numerous chemicals have been developed and used in various fields like agriculture, industry and human’s daily life. Currently, more than 100,000 chemicals exist in global market and at least 1,500 kinds of new chemicals enter the market every year. Although these chemicals are creating great economic value and wide range of social welfare, they also bring a series of harm to the modern society in forms of occupational security problems such as fire, explosion, acute poisoning, and other production safety accidents.

With the rapid development of China’s chemical industry, the scale of production, processing, storage and transportation of chemicals expands continuously. The species, output and usage of chemicals and the emissions of toxic and harmful substances also increase rapidly. Chemical safety accidents and environmental pollution events caused by the lack of effective management emerge all the time. To effectively curb major workplace accidents of dangerous chemicals, control environmental risk, and at the same time to respond to the call of the chemicals management international convention, synchronized with SAICM(Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management) and the sustainable development strategic goal, Chinese government has been and is actively formulating policies, regulations and management systems of chemicals, and increased the penalties on the violating enterprises, especially those that caused safety accidents or environmental pollution. How to carry out the whole process control and reduce the accident risk has become an important topic for the sustainable development of chemical industry enterprises.

Theoriginal target of the “Chemicals Lifecycle Management Training Series” is to help the enterprises comb out their management priorities from complicated policies, standards and technical measures. This training series will revolve around several important links in the chemical circulation like import and export, production and use, storage, transportation and waste disposal, review and interpret the regulations, basic knowledge, management tools and techniques systematically and comprehensively. Along with the practice sharing and effective interaction, fill the gap between knowledge and practice.

REACH24H is proud of its rich experience and professional skills accumulated in the chemical regulatory compliance. Now together with technical experts and practitioners with solid theoretical foundation and many years’ experience in safety, environmental, occupational health, emergency, legal liability and other fields, REACH24H develops high quality training courses to help enterprises cultivate chemicals management talents, improve their chemical management skills.

To facilitate enterprises and chemical management practitioners to understand and grasp related regulations, basic knowledge and management skills with chemicals management, and to have convenient way to communicate and share information with colleagues and experts, to experience our training courses with some screening or target, we integrated the whole process chemicals management training courses, and developed the 2017 Open Courses of the Chemicals Whole Process Management.

Curriculum plan







Environmental Management of Chemicals

2 days


Course 1: Interpretation of Environmental Protection Policy and Trend Development Analysis and Key Points of Enterprise Environmental Protection Compliance

Course 2: Analysis of Corporate Environmental Liability and Risk Control

Course 3: Overview of VOCs Management Policy and Engineering Governance

Course 4: Hazardous Waste Management


Chemical Safety Management

2 days


Course1: Basis and Management Practice of Chemical Safety Management Regulation

Course 2: Chemical Transport Safety Management

Course 3: Chemical Process Safety Management


Chemical Accident Emergency Management and Accident Liability Risk

2 days


Course 1: Establishment and Management of Chemical Accident Contingency Plan based on Accident Model

Course 2: Simulation of Emergency Response Sand Table

Course 3: Analysis of Enterprise Liability and Risk Control


Chemical Fire and Explosion Risk Management

2 days


  1. Principle of Fire and Explosion
  2. Fire Explosion Classification and Hazard
  3. Ignition Source Management
  4. Design and Calculation of Pressure Relief Device
  5. Explosion Venting/Explosion Suppression and Isolation Technology Design etc.


Occupational Health Management of Chemicals

2 days


Course 1: Occupational Health Management of Chemicals

Course 2: Occupational Exposure Assessment and Engineering Control of Chemicals


Process Safety Management of Chemicals

2 days


  1. Accident and Process Safety Management System
  2. Chemical Accidents were often not caused by a single Factor
  3. Process Safety Management of the Core Elements etc.


Best Practice of Chemical Management Sharing of 2017

1 day


Inviting Safety Supervision & Environmental Experts, Representatives of well-known Business and Technical Institutions

  1. Interpretations of Current Affairs and Trends of Chemical Management
  2. Sharing of best Practices of Chemical Safety Management in all Aspects of Circulation
  3. Discussions and Interactions of Hot Issues

Value-added services:  The students can enjoy the following preferential:

  • 2 hours free consulting related to the course project;
  • Enjoy 10% discount on other public courses and related seminars;
  • Free participation in the seminar in December --Best Practices of Chemical Management Sharing of 2017

*Please note that all the seminars are presented in Chinese.