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Analysis on Draft Amendment to Taiwan's New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration Regulation

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Erin Chen, Joy Jiang, Yuxing Fei
Thursday , 3rd Jun 2021
REACH24H Consulting Group China



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The Regulation on New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration was issued on December 11th, 2014, and revised for the first time on March 11th, 2019.

According to the Regulation (Revised version 2019), the standard registration for the first batch of PECs starts from January 1st, 2020.

  • 1~100t,the registration shall be completed within 3 years from the following year after the registration number is obtained

  • >100t,the registration shall be completed within 2 years from the following year after the registration number is obtained

Due to the influence of Covid-19, the registration period is planned to be extended to 4 years (until December 31st, 2023) for all PEC registrations regardless of volume. In addition, there are several updates and adjustments on the scope of regulated substances, confidentiality period, and requirements for supplementation or correction.

In this webinar, we will make an introduction to the revision and analyze the key points for companies. The current revision is a draft version, your suggestions and feedback can be delivered to the authorities through REACH24H.

  • Background of the revision

  • Key amendements

  • Possible influence of the revision and suggestions by REACH24H

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  • Regulatory Consultant
    Ms. Erin Chen is from the Japanese Business Department. She is mainly responsible for consulting affairs concerning chemicals regulations in Chinese mainland and Taiwan, and also focuses on Eurasia REACH and other REACH-like regulations. She is experienced in helping Japanese customers dealing with various kinds of projects.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Ms. Joy Jiang comes from the Taiwan group of the Industrial Chemicals Division, and has successively engaged in the relevant technical work of the EU REACH regulations, Taiwan's new chemical substances and the registration of existing chemical substances. She is familiar with the chemical regulatory system and registration process of various countries, is good at solving various technical problems encountered in the chemical registration process, and has helped hundreds of companies complete the chemical registration work in the European Union, Taiwan and other places.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Mr. Yuxing Fei is from Industrial Chemicals Division in REACH24H and responsible for new chemical substances registration in the Chinese Mainland, Chinese Taiwan, and the other Asia Pacific regions. With his deep understanding of registration procedures and the latest information on regulations, he has rich experience in delivering guidance and consulting services to companies.