Chemicals Control in South Korea: K-REACH/K-OSHA/CCA

William Chou
Thursday , 30th Jul 2015
REACH24H Consulting Group China

This free webinar will focus on the three major chemical regulations, sharing latest updates and giving step-wise strategy for a better compliance with the regulatory requirements.

  • Introduction of Korea chemical legislation framework (K-REACH/K-OSHA/CCA)

  • Compliance instructions on K-REACH special registration and exemption

  • First batch of PEC list and joint registration movements

  • Experience sharing of new chemical registration under K-REACH/OSHA and comparison

  • Introduction of CCA and obligations imposed on manufacturers/importers

  • Senior Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. William Chou is an expert on EU-REACH, K-REACH and China-REACH. He has led several sucessful compliance projects covering project management, data gap analysis, registration proposal preparation, testing supervision, dossier and CSR preparation, etc.