China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance: Pending Changes Explained

Atlans Dale
Wednesday , 15th Jul 2015
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Jun 25, 2015 saw the official release of the draft of the revised China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance after more than 1 year of deliberation. The development of the guidance is a sub-project of the national critical projects for chemical pollution control, managed by the Department of Pollution Prevention and Control of the MEP. The overall regulatory framework of China NCSN will not change, however ambiguities in the previous regulatory framework will be clarified through the revision of the Guidance, focusing on the applicable scope, management policy, data requirements and waiving, notification procedures, requirements of risk assessment report and post-notification requirements. This webinar looks closely at the draft revision of China NCSN Guidance, and will provide an indepth interpretation of the important updates.

  • Review of China NCSN Guidance Revision Process

  • Interpretation of Important Updates in Draft Revision of China NCSN Guidance

  • Potential Changes Based on Industry's Demands

  • REACH 24H Senior Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Atlans Dale is a recognized expert extremely experienced in China new chemical substance notification and Japan CSCL. He is a core member of REACH24H's new chemical substance notification Team and has extensive experience in handling more than one hundred China NCSN-related regulatory projects. In addition, he regularly runs regulatory training courses for global chemical companies.