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China’s “Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality” Goals: Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprises

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Carrie Zhang, Johnnie Tung
Wednesday , 14th Sep 2022

In 2020, China proposed the goals "to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060". In order to cope with global climate change, China has actively formulated and implemented a series of strategies, regulations, policies, standards and actions to  "put in place a '1+N' policy framework for carbon peak and carbon neutrality".

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a broad and profound initiative to the country and the industry. The "1+N" policy prompts energy transformation, raises up low-carbon technologies and accelerates the formation of a green, low-carbon circular industrial system.

This revolution leads to essential challenges and opportunities to enterprises in China. And enterprises should take actions to seize the opportunities and participate in the country's green transformation.

  • International Trend of "Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality"

  • China's "Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality" Strategies

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprises

  • Key Compliance Points

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  • Chemical Regulatory Specialist
    Master of Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University. Dedicated to tracking global climate policy for years, familiar with domestic and foreign carbon emission accounting standards, including GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, etc. She has in-depth research and rich experience in carbon emission management, Carbon sink project development, full life cycle carbon footprint evaluation, supply chain carbon information disclosure, and carbon emission reduction path analysis. At the same time, she also focuses on providing ESG, CDP, EPD and other related customized policy studies and response plans for many domestic and foreign customers.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Mr. Tung obtained a Master’s Degree of Commerce from the University of Sydney, now he mainly engaged in the business development about environmental policies and regulations. Be familiar with the laws and regulations in hazard chemical management, having rich experience in GHS&EHS regulations consulting service.