China’s New Chemical Management System: Draft Amendments and Future Trends

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Ting Shen
Thursday , 8th Aug 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

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MEP Order No.7
(Draft Revision)

China's MEE published the draft revision of the Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order No.7) on July 9, with public comments accepted until Aug 16, 2019. The release of the draft is another important event in the management of new chemical substances and follows shortly after the Notice of IECSC Supplementation issued by MEE on June 21(see CL free webinar).

The key points of this draft echo and expand on the content outlined in the Regulation on Environmental Risk Assessment and Control of Chemical Substances issued by MEE on Jan 8, 2019 (see CL free webinar), and thoroughly flesh out the mechanisms of China's new chemical substance management scheme.

  1. Revision background and legislative progress

  2. Interpretation of the draft revision

  3. Pertinent suggestions to companies

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