A Distillate of 10 Years REACH Compliance Experience

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Jerrison Wei
Wednesday , 10th May 2017
REACH24H Consulting Group China

It has been nearly 10 years since REACh regulation came into force. In that time we have witnessed and experienced several significant deadlines. As the key to export, import or manufacture of chemical products in EU markets, compliance with REACh regulation is extremely complicated and poses significant technical barriers to trade for the chemical and associated industries.

The final significant milestone in the REACh regulatory framework is the 2018 deadline for small volume chemicals (1-100 tons). Compared to the 2010 deadline and the 2013 deadline, we expect almost 15 times more substances will be required for registration which will have significant impact on a huge number of industries. REACH24H has worked on thousands of REACh compliance cases since the inception of the regulation in 2007. Our goal for this webinar is to provide concise and comprehensive guidance to prepare industry for the upcoming deadline, safeguard market access and ensure a smooth transition for all affected companies and our experts have encountered and already successfully handled almost every conceivable regulatory problem associated with REACh compliance and during our upcoming webinar they will share their wealth of experience ensuring we help remove regulatory barriers and expedite market access.


1.  Practical Compliance Guidance for Chemical Regulatory Compliance in EU markets: Registration

2. Post Regulatory Compliance: Detailed Guidance on Ensuring Continued Regulatory Compliance after Initial REACh compliance

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  • Senior Chemical Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Jerrison Wei is a senior chemical regulatory consultant from REACH24H for EU REACh and K-REACh regulatory affairs. Mr. Wei has extensive project management experience in EU REACh Compliance and has successfully handled cases for many of the world's largest chemical companies.