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Environmental Management of New and Existing Chemical Substances in China: Status quo and Updates

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Horus Guo
Wednesday , 11th Mar 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group China

The Measures on the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order No.7) has entered its 10th year since its promulgation. On January 8th, 2019, MEE published the Environmental Risk Assessment and Control Regulation for Chemical Substances (Consultative Draft) for public comment. This is another milestone in China’s environmental management of chemicals, which means that China will try to bring more than 40,000 existing chemical substances into environmental management. In Jul 2019, MEE published the draft revision of the Measures on the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances. Significant adjustments were made to different types of registration. The direct impact on enterprises is the change in registration costs and time. In this webinar, we would cover the above-mentioned topics, update you the key points of revision, and provide advice on compliance.

  • Brief Introduction to Current “China Reach”

  • Revision of “Measures”: Background and Key Points

  • Regulation on Environmental Risk Assessment and Control of Chemical Substances

  • Advice on Compliance

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    Mr. Horus Guo is from the Department of Chemical Registration in the Asia-Pacific Region. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He is mainly responsible for the consulting affairs of the chemicals regulation in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. He is experienced in dealing with complicated projects and clients from different industrial and cultural backgrounds.