European Poison Center Regulations and Emergency Numbers

Caroline Raine
Monday , 4th Jun 2018
National Chemical Emergency Center

In this complimentary webinar, NCEC's experts will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest updates concerning the global legal requirements for emergency telephone numbers and European Poison Centre Regulations. This is intended to help the enterprises remain compliant and best prepared to deal with an incident when the worst happens.

Backed by over 43 years of experience, the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) has a comprehensive understanding of all legislation relating to the manufacture, distribution, use, treatment and disposal of chemicals. As such, it is ideally placed to guide its clients through the complicated processes of maintaining regulatory compliance and takes great pleasure in working with REACH24-H to deliver this webinar.

  • Poison Centre overview and updates

    • Current Member State enforcement areas and the consequences of non-compliance.

    • Advise on the strategic steps you and your company should take to ensure compliance now and allow a smooth transition into compliance for 2020 onwards.

    • Update on the Member State implementation of Annex VIII.

  • Chemical Emergency Response Regulations

    • Emergency Response best practice to ensure you are protecting People, Environed, Assets and Reputation (PEAR)

    • The different requirements behind supply and transport regulations

    • Current Global ER regulations

    • Recent updates to local number and local language requirements

  • Additional context that will be covered

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  • Chemical Legislation Expert
    Ms. Caroline Raine is a chemical legislation expert, with experience of interpreting and implementing EU legislation relating to hazardous chemical substances. Her knowledge and expertise is wide ranging, covering both supply and transport legislation. This experience has been developed whilst working directly in the chemical industry and through consultancy projects. Caroline is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) for the transport of hazardous goods by road and rail, and holds a post graduate certificate in REACH management. Her depth of expertise means Caroline is able to help clients understand and manage their regulatory obligations, providing bespoke advice and guidance on specific regulatory matters and how best to comply.