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Food Contact Materials Compliance Strategy-Chinese Mainland, US, EU, and China's Taiwan

Alice Wu, Cimmy Zeng, Coco Chen
Tuesday , 29th Sep 2015
REACH24H Consulting Group China

In recent years, a lot of countries are becoming more and more cautious about the food safety issues due to the exposure of many food safety scandals. China, US and EU are all in the process of promoting the regulations on FCM compliance (GB 9685 in China), as the FCM is one of the key points regarding the food safety.

To help the industry overcome the technical barriers, REACH24H Consulting Group is going to hold this free webinar on global FCM compliance strategies and provide professional and comprehensive analyses and practical solutions to four markets: Chinese mainland, EU, USA and China's Taiwan.


Topic 1Chinese Mainland FCM Compliance Strategy Analysis

Speaker:Alice Wu

  • Introduction to GB 9685

  • Compliance work of producers/exporters

  • Comparison between the revised GB 9685 and GB 9685-2008

Topic 2USA FDA FCM Compliance Strategy Analysis

Speaker:Cimmy Zeng

  • Introduction to FDA FCM regulation system

  • Compliance work of producers/exporters

  • Food contact notification

  • Services of REACH24H

Topic 3EU FCM Compliance Strategy Analysis

Speaker:Coco Chen

  • Introduction to EU FCM regulation system

  • Brief introduction to the FCM system in member states

  • Document of compliance

  • Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung

  • Services of REACH24H

Topic 4Taiwan FCM Compliance Strategy Analysis

Speaker:Coco Chen

  • Introduction to Taiwan FCM regulation system

  • Industry management status

  • Latest management solutions in Taiwan

  • Food safety law & Labeling & Sanitation standard & Registration & GHP

  • Food contact packaging materials

  • Food contact regulatory analyst
    Dr. Wu graduated from Jiangnan University with her degree in food science and has lots of research experience in chemical assessments, health toxicology and data gap analyses. She has been focusing especially on food contact material (FCM) regulatory compliance in China, EU and USA.
  • Regulatory specialist
    Ms. Zeng obtained her Master degree from Zhejiang University and has extensive knowledge and experiences in global food contact materials compliance. Now, she is focusing on food contact compliance work under EU, US and China.
  • Regulatory Specialist
    Ms. Chen graduated from Zhejiang University with a Master degree and has been devoted to global food contact regulatory analysis. She has rich experience in migration evaluation and toxicology studies concerning food contact materials and now is focusing on food contact regulations in EU, US and China.