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Get Ready for China’s New Cosmetic Ingredient Registration and Notification

Joanna Ru
Thursday , 15th Apr 2021

On Mar. 4, 2021, China released the finalized Provisions for Management of New Cosmetic Ingredient Registration and Notification Dossiers, which will come into effect on May 1. The Provisions detail the documentation requirements for new cosmetic ingredients (NCI) registration and notification.

China eases the market entry requirements for NCI by adopting classified management. Only high-risk NCI require registration with NMPA, while low-risk NCI require only a simple notification that is deemed to be completed just after submitting notification documents. NCI enterprises will usher in a golden period of expedited market access to China.

Although the entry threshold for NCI has been lowered, the documentation requirements are still very complicated. During the webinar, Joanna Ru from REACH24H will interpret the NCI registration and notification procedures and documentation requirements, and give insightful regulatory compliance recommendations to enterprises.

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1. Background

1.1 What is new cosmetic ingredient (NCI)?

1.2 Who need to conduct new cosmetic ingredient application?

1.3 Related regulations & Competent authority

1.4 What is the difference between NCI application & Ingredient Submission Code

2. Classified Management & NCI Application Procedures

2.1 Classified management

2.2 NCI application procedures

3. Dossier Requirements

3.1 NMPA user account application

3.2 R&D report

3.3 QC and manufacturing process

3.4 Toxicological testing requirements & conditional acceptance of alternative methods

4. Obligations During the Monitoring Period & Suggestions

*The final outline may be subject to subtle revision.

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  • Senior Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant at REACH24H
    Joanna has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and more than 3 years of experience supporting major cosmetic companies’ regulatory compliance efforts. She mainly focuses on researching Chinese cosmetic regulations, including the finished cosmetic products and new cosmetic ingredients, has assisted loads of clients to obtain pre-market approvals and complete import filing for their cosmetic products, such as La Prairie, REVLON and EOS. Also, she was invited to give presentations on various events and platforms, such as ICMAD, Cosmetic Compliance, as well as ChemLinked. In addition, she is sophisticated in global cosmetic regulations, including ASEAN, Korea and Japan, which provides a professional regulatory information for various cosmetic companies. Joanna’ s global regulatory expertise and strong business acumen afford her a strategic vision to navigate the regulatory and compliance challenges that often accompany new technologies and growth into new markets.