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GHS Implementation Status Quo in Southeast and East Asian Countries

Jane Zhou
Wednesday , 12th Nov 2014
REACH24H Consulting Group China

It is well recognized that an internationally harmonized approach to classification of chemicals and hazard communication serves as the foundation of sound chemical management and trade facilitation globally. Currently many Asian countries are implementing GHS guidelines and actively promoting its fundamental tenants. However, the local adaptions of the UN model guidelines, the implementation timelines and the enforcement schemes vary from country to country.

This webinar introduces the GHS implementation status quo in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China's Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

  • Introduction

  • GHS implementation details of 9 countries, with special focus given to:

    • Thailand Hazardous Substance Control Act

    • Malaysia CLASS Regulations 2013

    • Singapore SS 586:2014

    • Japan ISHL 2014 amendment

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  • ChemLinked Editor
    Ms. Jane Zhou holds double degrees in pharmaceutics and English literature. She is a regulatory analyst and web editor specializing in hazardous chemical management and GHS-related issues in the Asia-Pacific Region. She individually undertook the translation work of a Chinese national standard namely GB/T 17519-2013: Guidance on the Compilation of Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Product into English.