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How to Comply with Turkey REACH (KKDIK)

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Lotus Wang
Thursday , 21st Nov 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

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Turkey's REACH-like regulation KKDIK was fully implemented on 23 December 2017. The new chemical regulation brings a huge impact on chemical management and market access in Turkey. It should be noted that the registration period is only three years for all substances in any tonnage bands. And potential registrants are required to submit pre-registration by 31 December 2020. Non-Turkish manufacturers can appoint an experienced OR to comply with the new requirements. The key points of KKIDK regulation and the compliance strategy will be detailed in this webinar.

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  1. KKDIK regulation overview
  2. Key points to compliance

  3. Options for Non-Turkish manufacturer

  4. Related Turkish regulations and service items

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