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How to Deal with Confidential Business Information in Asia-Pacific Region

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Ms. Ting SHEN
Wednesday , 26th Apr 2017
REACH24H Consulting Group China

GHS has been widely implemented in many A-P countries and regions. Although the nondisclosure confidential business information (CBI) on SDS is allowed by many of them, requirements distinguish themselves from one another. China's Taiwan requests prior approval by OSHA while Chinese Mainland accepts generic names and concentration ranges as long as hazard information has been shown. Japan and Australia permit distinguished CBI only under certain circumstances. REACH24H will summarize requirements by main A-P countries and provide comprehensive suggestions to companies on protecting CBI in the A-P area. 

Regarding the CBI issue, the regulation differs greatly when multinational companies try to register the chemical substance in the A-P Rim. In order to avoid disclosing the chemical substance information to downstream users, the roles, such as Only Representative and Third Party Representative are adopted. During the public announcement process, the relevant authorities develop their own systems for handling mandatory information disclosure. What's more, CBI issues also occur in the nomination work, i.e., Thailand Annex 5.6 Notification, Taiwan Phase I Existing Chemical Substance Registration, Vietnam Existing Chemical Substance Nomination, etc.


1. GHS CBI Disclosure in A-P Region

  • 1.1 Overview of GHS implementation and CBI Concerned Issue in Chinese mainland, Japan, Korea, China's Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Indonesia

  • 1.2 Strategic Case Study and Suggestion

2. Chemical Registration CBI Disclosure in A-P Region

  • 2.1 Overview of Chemical Registration and Inventory Nomination CBI Disclosure in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam

  • 2.2 Strategic Case Study and Suggestion

3. What role can REACH24H play in obtaining CBI disclosure on behalf of multinational companies?

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