How to Deal With SDS Confidentiality of Business Information in Taiwan

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lynn liang
Thursday , 21st Mar 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

All the webinar materials, including the presentation slides and the video have been uploaded. For Chinese session, please click here to access the materials. 

Article 18 in Taiwan's Regulations for the labeling and hazard communication of hazardous chemicals states that manufacturers, importers, or suppliers could withhold the disclosure of the name, Chemical Abstract Service No. (CAS No.), concentration, or manufacturer, importer as well as supplier's name of hazardous chemical ingredients in Safety Data Sheet(s) for the necessity of national security or trade secret protection purposes.

This webinar will tell those entities with interests in SDS CBI application how to follow the procedures, what stipulations are during application, and which platform and tool are needed.

  1. Regulatory Requirements and Application Scope

  2. CBI Application Procedure

  3. Operation Stipulations during CBI Application

  4. Operation Guidance

* To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you're welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.

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