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IChEMS: New Way in Managing Environmental Chemical Risks in Australia

Nick Zovko
Thursday , 27th Oct 2022
Chemistry Australia

Under the Industrial Chemicals Environment Management (Register) Act 2021, the Industrial Chemicals Environmental Management Standard - IChEMS has been established in Australia. The IChEMS provides a consistent, nationwide approach to managing the risks that industrial chemicals may pose to the environment. Industrial chemicals will be scheduled on the IChEMS register according to their level of concern to the environment, with risk management measures also prescribed. Chemicals will be listed in one of seven schedules according to their environmental risk. 

On March 23, 2022, a national roadmap to deliver the IChEMS was issued, which sets out key steps, roles and responsibilities in the transition to IChEMS. The authority expects the first scheduling decisions to be made in 2022 H2. The IChEMS Register instrument and a database of publicly accessible chemical scheduling decisions will be available to provide easy access to decisions.

In this webinar, Mr. Nick Zovko, Regulatory Policy and Stewardship Manager of Chemistry Australia will share you with the Australian chemical framework, the relationship between AICIS and IChEMS, the process of the IChEMS Register and scheduling, etc.

*Only the presentation slides will be available after the webinar, no video recording. 


1. Overview of the Australian Chemical Framework

2. Relationship between AICIS and IChEMS

3. The IChEMS Register and Scheduling Process

4. Prioritisation of Chemicals

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  • Regulatory Policy and Stewardship Manager
    Nick is a subject matter expert for both Australia and New Zealand in chemical regulatory affairs. He currently works for Chemistry Australia, which is the pre-eminent national body representing the chemistry industry in Australia. Prior to joining Chemistry Australia, Nick held variable positions within the petroleum industry, which included product regulatory advisory roles for the Asia-Pacific region. Nick has over 20 years of experience in chemical regulatory affairs