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Intermediates Registration under MEE Order No.12: Introduction and Case Sharing

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Nelly Chen, Yuxing Fei
Tuesday , 22nd Mar 2022

The intermediate, which plays a key role in the global chemical industry, is treated and regulated variously by countries and regions. Although the risks of intermediate are manageable compared with other chemicals, it is necessary to control and monitor the risk of exposure to human health and the environment. MEE Order No.12 significantly decreases the data requirements for intermediates, thereby releasing the burden of companies. However, in practice, there are still some difficulties in intermediates registration. With the implementation of MEE Order No.12 for over 1 year, REACH24H schedules a webinar with a special focus on intermediates registration under this measure.


1. Background Information on MEE Order No.12

2. Definition of Intermediate and Examples

3. Registration Requirements for Intermediates

4. Registration Period and Cost for Intermediates

5. Potential Issues of Intermediates Registration

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  • Technical engineer of Industrial Chemicals Dept.
    Nelly was graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology, majored in engineering for master’s degree. And having 7 years’ experience in chemical registration/notification in China. Nelly gathered rich experiences in all types of notification under China REACH, especially proficient in data gap analysis, notification strategy making and Non-test method evaluation (read-across and QSAR).
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Mr. Yuxing Fei is from Industrial Chemicals Division in REACH24H and responsible for new chemical substances registration in the Chinese Mainland, Chinese Taiwan, and the other Asia Pacific regions. With his deep understanding of registration procedures and the latest information on regulations, he has rich experience in delivering guidance and consulting services to companies.