International Transport of Lithium Batteries

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Willi Wesselowscky
Tuesday , 13th Aug 2019

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With the vigorous development of the new energy automobile industry in recent years, the lithium battery market has witnessed rapid growth. In the meantime, the safety of lithium batteries is gaining the attention of the industry. Besides safe production, the transport of lithium batteries is also an important concern. Due to the particularity of lithium batteries, their air transport and sea/road transport are subject to different regulatory requirements. This webinar will focus on regulatory requirements concerning packaging, labeling, and shipping documents of lithium batteries in air and sea/road transport as well as some special situations.

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  1. General Information
  2. Transport of Lithium Ion/Metal Cells/Batteries by Air (Sec. II PI 965 to 970 / Sec.IB PI 965 and 968)

  3. Transport of Lithium Ion/Metal Cells/Batteries by Sea (SP 188)

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    Mr. Willi Wesselowscky has been working as a consultant at UMCO GmbH since 2001 and as head of team of the UMCO Dangerous Goods Consultants since 2006. He majorly engages in senior consultancy for transport and storage of dangerous goods and hazard plant safety. Mr. Wesselowscky has also served as EU Dangerous Goods Adviser, Adviser on basis of German regulations for handling of explosives and radioactive materials, Hazardous Plant Safety Officer on basis of German and EU regulations, and Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) on basis of the ISPS-Code and Trainer for IATA-DGR for shippers and packers. He has extensive experience in lithium battery transport and speaks on relevant subjects at various national and international conferences.