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Interpretation of GHS Implementation & Compliance in Taiwan

Jay Lin, Rose Qian
Thursday , 15th Dec 2016
REACH24H Consulting Group China

For the requirement of the United Nations that all member states should implement GHS before 2008, Taiwan has implemented GHS in workplace in 4th phase since 2008 . TAIWAN MoL (previously the Council of Labor) has published 3 lists of hazardous chemicals (Total 3,171) subject to mandatory GHS compliance for the most commonly used hazardous chemicals from 2008 to 2013. For other hazardous chemicals, Taiwan GHS entered into force on 1 Jan, 2016. The industry was given a one-year transition period (From 1 Jan, 2016 to 21 Dec, 2016) and those who violate the provisions shall be fined not less than NT $ 30,000 but not more than NT $ 150,000.

In view of the widespread use of chemicals, poor management or lack of labor awareness not only will cause fire, explosion or occupational injuries, but also contaminate the ecological environment or lead to food safety issues according to TAIWAN MoL. Regulation of Labelling and Hazard Communication of Hazardous Chemicals is the most important basic information for the chemical management. Therefore, to avoid risks and ensure the smooth progress of trade, MoL calls on upstream, downstream manufacturers and employers who are related with hazardous chemicals to early response to GHS.

  • Taiwan GHS regulatory system

    • Taiwan - related laws and regulations

    • "Regulation" development process

    • Phased implementation of Taiwan GHS

  • Taiwan GHS compliance obligations

    • Classification

    • Labelling

    • SDS information retention reveal

  • Case study and compliance suggestions

    • Non-compliance case on label

    • Common problems on SDS

    • Compliance suggestions

  • REACH24H Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Lin graduated from University College London (UCL) with a master's degree in chemical engineering. Mr.Lin plays a key role in REACH24H and helps companies with GHS compliance. He primarily engages in work related to global GHS compliance, registration of hazardous chemicals and transport of dangerous goods.
  • REACH24H Regulatory Consultant
    Ms. Rose Qian is a regulatory compliance specialist majored in chemical engineering and technology. She has a wealth of experience on the various types of chemical classification, SDS and labeling related work from hundreds of companies, which make her an expert in GHS compliance.