Interpretation of Measures for Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

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Jackie Jin
Tuesday , 17th Dec 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

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In November 2019, the China MOT, together with five other agencies, jointly issued the official version of the Measures for Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods, which is set to take effect starting from January 1, 2020. As the first document providing systematic rules on the whole process of road transport of dangerous goods, the Measures is expected to profoundly transform the industry. It specifies the obligations of various parties engaged in road transport of dangerous goods, provides criteria for technical conditions, sets forth the regulatory responsibilities of different authorities and makes clear penalties against any violations.

This webinar will navigate you through key points in the Measures and provide you with compliance suggestions.

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  1. Overview of the Measures

  2. Consignment and Carriage of Dangerous Goods

  3. LQ/EQ Exemption for Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

  4. Penalties

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