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Interpretation of Newly Updated Guidance for Taiwan Chemical Registration

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Jessica Chung, Sherry Wu
Thursday , 18th May 2023

Recently, the Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau (TCSB) under Taiwan EPA officially released the updated Guidance for New and Existing Chemical Substances Phase 1 Registration (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidance”). Its previous version was published in 2015. After several revisions to the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (a.k.a. Taiwan TCSCA) and the Regulation on New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration (a.k.a. Taiwan REACH), the content of the 2015 version is no longer suitable as a guidance document for the current regulations. Therefore, the authority revised the Guidance in accordance with current regulations and common issues in recent chemical registrations while referring to chemical regulatory laws in other countries.

To help enterprises gain a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the latest compliance requirements for new and existing chemical substances in Taiwan, as well as future focus, this webinar will provide an in-depth interpretation of the Guidance and share more compliance suggestions.

  • Compliance Interpretation of the Newly Updated Guidance

  • Key Changes in the New Guidance: Focusing on Relevant Areas for Enterprises

  • Strategies for Efficiently Completing Existing Substance Registration

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  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Jessia Zhong, with over 5 years of experience in Taiwan chemical registration, specializes in the registration of new and existing chemicals. With professional knowledge and experience, able to quickly and accurately assess the registration requirements of chemicals, ensuring that clients register their chemicals in compliance. In addition, effectively communicates and coordinates with laboratories, professional institutions, and other parties to ensure a smooth registration process. In the field of chemical regulatory registration, Jessica is a trusted expert with rich experience and professional knowledge in evaluating various cases of new and existing chemical substances, supervising testing items, and preparing technical dossiers.
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Sherry Wu, a Master of Chemistry from Zhejiang University, is currently a regulatory affairs Consultant in the Chemical Compliance Team of REACH24H Consulting Group. She is mainly engaged in the research and registration of chemical regulations in Taiwan. So far, she has been responsible for and completed a number of Taiwan chemical registration consultations and compliance work, with rich experience in compliance response.