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Introduction to Taiwan Chemical Substance Registration Regulation

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Jessica Zhang
Tuesday , 10th Jan 2023

Since Taiwan EPA issued the Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration, it has attracted a lot of attention. This year, China's Taiwan has made amendments to the New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation and extended the registration deadline for 106 PECs.

In this webinar, we will focus on the introduction to the latest existing and new chemical registration regulation, including registration types, data requirements, post-registration obligations, and compliance advice for companies, in an effort to help companies keep abreast of regulatory developments and avoid trade disruptions.

  • Framework of Taiwan Chemical Substance Registration Regulation

  • Existing and New Chemical Substance Registration Regulation

  • Post-Registration Obligation

  • Advice from REACH24H

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Jessica Zhang is an experienced consultant specializing in chemical compliance affairs. She has extensive knowledge and experience in resolving chemical compliance issues in Chinese mainland, China’s Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and other Asian Pacific regions. With enthusiasm, patience, and good communication skills, she has helped lots of enterprises solve problems and complete difficult registration projects in domestic regulatory affairs and international trading. She believes chemical compliance services could secure enterprises' value and consumers' safety.