KKDIK: REACH Law in Turkey

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Thursday , 13th Jun 2019

As of 23 June 2017, Turkey implemented EU REACH Regulation within the EU harmonization process, and Turkish REACH, known as KKDIK (Kimyasallarin Kaydi, Degerlendirilmesi, izni ve Kisitlanmasma Hakkinda Yonetmelik), was published to replace CICR.

Although the KKDIK Regulation is prepared considering EU Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 under the framework of harmonization of the European Union acquis, some changes are included so that it can be adapted to existing regulations in Turkey. Some provisions of the KKDIK regulation came into force on 23 December 2017, just 6 months after the date it was published. Other provisions also gradually come into force over the years that followed.

This webinar will show you the essentials of KKDIK and guide you through how to prepare on it. You will find practical answers and solutions to important questions in your mind regarding Turkish Chemical Control Regulations like KKDIK (TR-REACH), SEA (TR-CLP), GBF (TR-SDS), BUY (TR-BPR) and even upcoming IIT (TR-PIC).

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1. Introduction to Turkish Law on REACH "KKDIK" (Turkish REACH)
2. Comparison with EU REACH
3. Possible Challenges on KKDIK and how to address them
4. Related Turkish Regulations
5. Advices to Relevant Companies

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