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Market Access of Food Contact Plastics and Paper in China

Aaron Cheng
Tuesday , 26th Oct 2021

Plastics and paper have always been the most widely used materials in the field of food packaging. As China gradually pushes forward the revision of GB standards on food contact materials, the revision particularly on food contact paper and plastics has drawn widespread attention. Up to now, the draft for comments of food contact paper and paperboard has been issued in 2020 and the draft for comments of food contact plastics is about to release in the following months.

On this occasion, our speaker will share with you the revision progress of standards on food contact plastics and paper as well as the specific compliance procedure including compliance testing, Declaration of Compliance and new food contact substance application for FCM supply chains, hoping to help foreign manufacturers of food contact plastics and paper as well as their raw materials to fully comply with China FCM regulations and circulate in the Chinese market.


Part 1 A Brief Introduction to FCM Regulations in China 

1.1 Competent authorities

1.2 Regulatory framework

Part 2 Latest Regulatory Updates on Food Contact Plastics and Paper 

2.1 Draft for food contact plastics

2.2 Revision progress for food contact paper

Part 3 Supply Chain Compliance

3.1 Supply chain responsibilities of stakeholders

3.2 Compliance testing and Declaration of Compliance

3.3 New food contact substance application

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2021-10-26 16:00 ~ 17:00 UK: 09:00-10:00 English
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  • FCM Business Manager
    Aaron Cheng is a Food Contact Material Business Manager working at REACH24H. Aaron possesses a great wealth of experience in market access and has helped numerous customers successfully solve the compliance issues of food contact materials in China, EU and the U.S.