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MEE Order No. 12: Supervision Cases and Practical Experience Sharing

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Joy Shi, Lacey Liu
Wednesday , 14th Dec 2022

Effective from January 1, 2021, Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances (MEE Order No. 12) has been strictly enforced by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the P. R. China. In particular, a new pollutant control action plan issued by the General Office of the State Council on May 4, 2022 stipulates that more efforts are needed to manage, register and supervise new chemical substances entering China by putting in place a national-local law enforcement mechanism, highlighting the role of chemical management and registration in preventing potential pollutants.

This webinar will interpret the supervision trend by offering specific cases of on-site inspections, and provide guidance on how to fulfill the post-registration obligations. Meanwhile, utilizing REACH24H's enriched practical experience, we will also analyze the difficulties commonly encountered by enterprises during registration, e.g., the polymer notification and the simplified registration, hoping to help enterprises better cope with compliance work.

  • Supervision of New Chemical Substance

  • Post-registration Obligations

  • Difficulties in Polymer Notification

  • Difficulties in Simplified Registration

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  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Joy Shi is dedicated to chemical registration in Asia Pacific Region, e.g., Chinese Mainland, China's Taiwan, Japan and so on. With abundant knowledge in chemical regulations, she is experienced with the compliance work and has provided valuable solutions to many corporations domestic and abroad.
  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Ms. Lacey Liu is a consultant from AP Chemical Registration Department, responsible for chemical registration in Chinese Mainland, China's Taiwan, Japan and other Asia Pacific countries and regions. Putting clients' best interests first, she is committed to providing the most cost-effective solutions with her extensive regulatory knowledge.