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'No-Data' Registration under UK REACH

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Shirley Shi
Wednesday , 13th Apr 2022

UK REACH came into force on 1st January 2021. Companies who place chemicals on the market in England, Wales or Scotland have obligations under UK REACH. In regard to the second year of UK REACH, as transitional provisions such as DUIN and 'Grandfathering' are drawing to a close, we shall pay more attention to the registration and data sharing, which is a great challenge and the most pressing issue for stakeholders under UK REACH. If you are still hesitating over the compliance strategy and concerning about the data cost, our 'No-Data' registration solution may answer your perplexity.

In this webinar, we will navigate the process of UK REACH compliance, emphasizing on how to complete a 'No-Data' registration quickly, to help the companies seize the opportunity of UK market access.

  • UK and EU: similar but parallel regulatory frameworks

  • The advantage of ‘No-Data’ registration

  • Further steps: data-sharing models

  • Q&A

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  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    Ms. Shirley Shi is mainly responsible for EU REACH and REACH-like registration, and SIEF coordination. She has successfully assisted numerous enterprises in their compliance projects while maintaining a good relationship with many lead registrants and is specializing in dealing with tough cases.