Physical Hazard Identification and Classification for Chemicals in China

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Matt Lyu, Sunny Xiang
Thursday , 1st Jun 2017
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Chinese State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) published the Measures on the Management of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification for Chemicals (SAWS Order 60) in 2013, and required chemicals with unknown hazards to be identified by accredited institutions and by applying test methods in relevant national or industrial standards. The identification and classification system was further completed recently as SAWS announced the first batch of 11 qualified laboratories and published the Catalogue of Substances Exempted from Physical Hazards Identification and Classification. This webinar will present a detailed introduction to the key points of the identification and classification for chemicals and provide practical compliance suggestions for the industry.


1. Regulatory Requirements

  • 1.1 Regulations on the Control over Safety of Hazardous Chemicals (State Council Decree 591)

  • 1.2 Measures for the Administration of Hazardous Chemicals Registration (SAWS Order 53)

  • 1.3 Measures on the Management of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification for Chemicals (SAWS Order 60)

2. Key Points to Identification and Classification

  • 2.1 Scope

  • 2.2 Content

  • 2.3 Facilities

  • 2.4 Procedure

3. What role can REACH24H play in obtaining CBI disclosure on behalf of multinational companies?

  • 3.1 Application Form for Physical Hazard Identification and Classification

  • 3.2 Identification Report

  • 3.3 Classification Report

  • 3.4 Application Form for Arbitration on Identification

  • 3.5 Application Form for Arbitration on Classification

4. Compliance Strategies

  • 4.1 Data Gap

  • 4.2 Accredited Labs

  • 4.3 Identification Report

  • 4.4 Submission

  • 4.5 Other Duties

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  • Regulatory Consultant / ChemLinked Editor
    With a background in chemical engineering, Mr. Matt Lyu now focuses on the research of policies and regulations in regards to the environmental protection and hazardous chemicals safety management. As an EHS regulatory consultant, he helps chemical enterprises with best EHS compliance practices in China to survive the rigorous environmental protection obligations. As an editor in ChemLinked chemical portal, he provides essential intelligence with accurate and in-depth reports to help global chemical industry understand their changing compliance duties in Asia Pacific area.
  • GHS Compliance Account Manager
    Ms. Sunny Xiang is expirenced in providing regulatory consultancy for Japanese enterprises with compliance issues related to global GHS, China HazChem registration, emergency telephone number, transport of dangerous goods, etc.