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Regulatory Analysis of European and American Food Contact Material Legislations

Yini Jin
Thursday , 5th May 2022

Food contact materials (FCM) include food containers, packaging, machinery or kitchenware. The material types can be plastics, paper and board, metal, glass, ceramics etc. Additives and processing aids can also be added to the FCM in order to achieve the purpose of use. FCM can contain chemicals that could migrate to food that we consume in our daily life. In order to reduce the exposure to potentially hazardous substances and protect human health, safety of FCM has to be assessed thoroughly. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the management of FCM safety recently.

The regulatory systems in the EU and the US have already been very developed and are well accepted internationally. In fact, many countries and regions has established their own management systems by citing the European or American FCM regulations directly.

In this webinar, we are going to introduce the European and the American FCM regulations in detail. And explanations of the application process for new food contact substances under EU and American requirements are also included. 


1. Food contact material and food safety

2. FCM regulation and compliance in Europe

  • EU harmonized regulation

  • National legislation and standards

  • Recent regulatory developments

3. FCM regulation and compliance in US

  • An overview of the regulatory system

  • Application of new food contact substances (FCN process)

4. Q&A session

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  • Regulatory Technical Engineer
    As a regulatory technical engineer at REACH24H Consulting Group, Ms Jin is researching Chinese, European and American FCM legislations. She has assisted numerous companies worldwide on regulatory compliance and preparation of applications for food contact substances for the US and Chinese markets.