Understanding China’s Hazchem Inventory and Associated Requirements

Bella Zheng, Jay Lin, Sunny Wang
Tuesday , 12th Jan 2016
REACH24H Consulting Group China

This webinar will provide a 30-min live Q&A session in the form of panel discussion and allows you to have all questions answered by REACH24H experts.

  1. Introduction to the HazChem Inventory and Implementation Guidance (30 min)

  2. Q&A and Discussions (30 min)

For example:

  • Are the official classification results mandatory?

  •  What's the implication of the 70% threshold?

  •  How to identify my obligations by referencing the Implementation Guidance?

  • REACH24H Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Lin graduated from University College London (UCL) with a master's degree in chemical engineering. Mr.Lin plays a key role in REACH24H and helps companies with GHS compliance. He primarily engages in work related to global GHS compliance, registration of hazardous chemicals and transport of dangerous goods.
  • Technical Supervisor | GHS Compliance
    As one of the earliest technical experts who followed and studied the ER REACH Regulation as well as the China GHS, Sunny has more than 10 years of rich compliance experience in the safety management of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, and has participated in the formulation of several guidelines and national standards related to the transport of dangerous goods. At present, Mrs. Wang is responsible for global GHS, notification/registration/registration of hazardous chemicals, and regulation tracking, and strategy formulation. Sunny has profound experience in hazard identification of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, information communication in the supply chain, SDS/Label compilation, chemical risk assessment and management policy interpretation and so on.