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Understanding the Korean Trial IT System for MSDS Submission and CBI Non-disclosure Application

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Brad Ji, Ting Shen
Friday , 15th Jan 2021

The presentation aims to alert you to an important and imminent deadline around the corner. Consideration for confidential business information (CBI) for hazardous substance ingredient disclosure on safety data sheets (SDS) will require formal submission and approval to MOEL Korea starting January 16, 2021. Companies wishing to maintain non-disclosure of the hazardous substance on the SDS will need further evaluation and extra work prior to placing a product in the Korean market.


Strategies for Responding to KOREA OSHA SDS Submission and CBI Application Starting Jan. 16th of 2021. Presentation Focus:

- Obligation for SDS Submission and CBI Approval

- Case Studies for Indirect Supply Chain

- Advice for Foreign Supplier

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  • Chemical Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Brad graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology, with a Bachelor's degree in both Applied Chemistry and Law. He is experienced with the GHS compliance work in many countries and provided regulatory compliance service for over 1,000 enterprises, including the chemicals classification, SDS and labelling.
  • Senior Chemical Regulatory Consultant
    Ms. Ting Shen has more than 5 years working experience in product stewardship and regulatory compliance service for industrial chemicals in A-P region. Her experience in working with more than 30 global companies provides her with deep understanding of chemical regulation itself and solid advice on strategic plans to help companies comply with chemical registration work.