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A Look back at 2020 with ChemLinked: Chemical Regulation Updates

A Look back at 2020 with ChemLinked: Chemical Regulation Updates

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  • Author:ChemLinked
  • Pages:104
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Jan 20, 2021
    Last Updated On:Jan 20, 2021

2020 is finally over. This year, despite being largely defined by Covid-19, has witnessed the endeavors of countries worldwide fleshing out and improving their institutional and practical arrangements for chemical regulation. From the overhauled paradigm of new chemical registration in Chinese Mainland, through the revised GHS regulation of South Korea, to the final rounds of supplementation to Vietnam's National Chemical Inventory, steadfast efforts are devoted amid the pandemic to make the world a better place with the well-regulated use of chemicals.

This report aims to analyze and explain these changes and their impacts. You will also get to know what to expect regulatory-wise as we move to 2021.

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Session 1: Regulatory Updates in Chinese Mainland

Topics to be covered:

  • MEE Order No. 12 and Its Guidance

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods

  • Environmental Protection

  • ...

Session 2: Regulatory Updates in Other Regions/Countries

  •       Taiwan, China (Chemical registration)

  • Japan (CSCL, ISHL, PRTR and PDSCL)

  • South Korea (K-REACH, Inventory and GHS)

  • Australia (AICIS and GHS)

  • Thailand (Hazardous Substance Act and Chemical Substance Act)

  • Philippines (PIMPIN and PICCS)

  • Vietnam (Law on Chemicals and National Chemical Inventory)

  • Others