China’s Environmental Management of Mn-Containing End Products

China’s Environmental Management of Mn-Containing End Products

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  • Author:EHS & GHS Compliance Department, REACH24H Consulting Group
  • Pages:41
    Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
  • Publish Date:Feb 28, 2019
    Last Updated On:Feb 28, 2019

As an important factor of production in the steel and iron industry, manganese (Mn) is mainly used for production of ferromanganese (FeMn) and silicon-manganese (SiMn) alloys. But due to the complexity of production processes, there are inevitably some Mn-containing end products, such as FeMn slags and SiMn slags. If we remain committed to traditional solutions, such end products may be directly disposed as waste and thrown into the slag fields, which will lead to pollutions and waste of Mn resources. In view of this problem, REACH24H sees the value of such Mn slags and investigates China’s management of solid end products containing manganese as well as critical downstream applications for such manganese-containing end products, especially for FeMn slags and SiMn slags. 

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1 Project Overview 
  1.1 Background 
  1.2 Objects 
2 Identification of Objects 
  2.1 Identification of Solid Waste 
  2.2 Identification of Hazardous Waste 
3 National Control and Regulation 
  3.1 Laws and Regulations 
  3.2 Catalogue Control 
  3.3 Industry Standards 
4 Management and Control in Key Regions 
  4.1 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 
  4.2 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 
  4.3 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 
  4.4 Guizhou Province 
  4.5 Shanxi Province 
5 Summary