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Dec 18, 2020
Matt Lyu
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Chemicals on the list of hazardous substances that are regulated by different authorities.

Thailand adopted GHS in 2012 for the purpose of hazard communication for chemicals by promulgating the ministerial notification B.E. 2555 (2012). The implementation of GHS is two-step action, with GHS taking effective on Mar 13, 2013 for single substances and Mar 13, 2017 for mixtures.

· The ministerial notification B.E.2555 (2012) on GHS is promulgated by the DIW under the Hazardous Substance Act

· in compliance with 3rd revision of UN GHS

· currently only applicable for chemicals under the scope of DIW and FDA

DIW is the first authority to enforce GHS, followed by FDA.

Classification& Labelling

In consistence with UN GHS 3rd revision, Thailand GHS adopted 28 hazard class categorized into physical hazard (16), health hazard (10) and environmental hazard (2):

Physical Hazard

· Explosives

· Flammable gases

· Flammable aerosols

· Oxidizing gases

· Gases under pressure

· Flammable liquids

· Flammable solids

· Self-reactive substances and mixtures

· Pyrophoric liquids

· Pyrophoric solids

· Self-heating substances and mixtures

· Substances and mixtures, which in contact with water, emit flammable gases

· Oxidizing liquids

· Oxidizing solids

· Organic peroxides

· Corrosive to metals

Health Hazard

· Acute Toxicity

· Skin corrosion/irritation

· Serious eye damage/eye irritation

· Respiratory or skin sensitization

· Germ cell mutagenicity

· Carcinogenicity

· Reproductive toxicity

· Specific target organ toxicity-single exposure

· Specific target organ toxicity-repeated exposure

·  Aspiration hazard

Environmental Hazard

· Hazard to the aquatic environment

· Hazard to the ozone layer

Table 1 of B.E.2555 lists the classification criteria of 28 hazards and the corresponding label elements of hazard communication.


Table 2 of B.E2555 lists the 16 headings required in the Safety data sheet with their sub-sections specified.  

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GHS implementation progress countrywide

DIW is the first authority to implement GHS on chemicals used for industrial purpose. FDA also has required the manufactures and importers follow the GHS rules on hazard classification, labels and SDS when notifying the chemical substances. Other authorities such as DOLD will soon follow the suit. GHS committee will be established to guarantee the consistency in GHS implementation countrywide.

Tags : ThailandGHS