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A Look back at 2022 with ChemLinked: Global Chemical Regulation Updates

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Koko Zhang, Sundae Ji, Theory Wen
Thursday , 12th Jan 2023

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In 2022, a great number of significant regulatory changes have taken place globally. More and more cities in the Chinese mainland are piloting the Hazchem QR code application to push forward the "One enterprise, one chemical product, and one QR code" management. Taiwan, China revised the Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Labelling and SDS. South Korea finalized the Regulation on Designation, etc. of Substances subject to Authorization. The UK extends submission deadlines for transitional registrations. Japan, ASEAN countries, Australia, EU, US and Canada have also undergone several regulatory updates.

Global chemical stakeholders need to stay vigilant about the frequent regulatory changes, so as to effectively address compliance challenges and aim for great success while shouldering their social responsibilities. Therefore, ChemLinked has prepared this webinar to provide an overview of the revised and emerging chemical regulations in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America over the year, and help our clients analyze key regulatory points.


Session 1: Regulatory Updates in China

  • Chinese Mainland

  • Taiwan, China

Session 2: Regulatory Updates in Pan Asia

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia)

  • India & Philippines & Malaysia

  • Australia & New Zealand

Session 3: Regulatory Updates in Europe and North America

  • EU & UK

  • Turkey

  • Russia

  • North America (US & Canada)

*The final outline may be subjected to subtle revision.


Time (GMT+8)TopicSpeaker
Session 1 Chemical Regulation Updates in China Sundae Ji
21:55-23:00Session 2 Chemical Regulation Updates in Pan AsiaTheory Wen
23:10-23:45Session 3 Chemical Regulation Updates in Europe and North AmericaKoko Zhang

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    Focusing on changes in chemical regulations in the Asia Pacific region, bringing chemical industry up-to-the-minute regulatory news.
  • ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst
    Theory Wen holds a Master Degree in HongKong Polytechnic University. He is now an editor and chemical regulatory analyst for ChemLinked, mainly in charge of chemical regulatory news coverage, monitoring, analysis in Asian-pacific regions.