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Australia Focus: Decoding AICIS Regulations for Cosmetics

Mahima Gupta
Tuesday , 16th Nov 2021

On July 1, 2020, the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), established by Industrial Chemicals Act 2019, officially replaced the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) as the new national regulator for the importation and manufacture of industrial chemicals in Australia. The new regulatory scheme also regulates the industrial chemicals for cosmetic use and supports cosmetic manufacturers with easy import of new low-risk chemicals to the Australian market.

Under the AICIS, any importers and manufacturers intending to introduce industrial chemicals to Australia, must ensure that they register their business with AICIS, and must ensure that each chemical introduction or manufacture is categorized into these five introduction categories (listed, exempted, reported, assessed and commercial evaluation) before placing into Australian territory. Importers and manufacturers must also submit annual declarations and reports to keep records and provide details to AICIS whenever necessary.

To help international enterprises better cope with Australia’s AICIS regulations and cosmetic compliance requirements, ChemLinked invited Ms. Mahima Gupta, regulatory affairs consultant from the leading global regulatory solutions and services company Freyr, to share her rich expertise and experience. During the webinar, Ms. Mahima Gupta will provide us the overview of the cosmetic regulatory authority, the procedure and requirements for introducing cosmetic ingredients to Australia, the regulations of cosmetics with therapeutic effects, mandatory labeling obligations, animal testing ban and etc.

  1. Definition of cosmetics in Australia and the responsible regulatory authority

  2. Regulatory obligations for industrial chemicals and products releasing industrial chemicals for commercial use in australia

  3. Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (AIIC)

  4. Categorization of industrial chemicals used in personal care products

  5. Reporting, record keeping, and annual declaration obligation for industrial chemicals

  6. Other government standards

  7. Ingredient labeling requirements

  8. Animal testing

  9. Regulation of cosmetic products having therapeutic effects, e.g., primary sunscreens, skin lightening products, etc.

*The final outline may be subject to subtle revisions.

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  • Regulatory Affairs Consultant
    With over 3 years of experience in cosmetics and personal care product regulations of the USA, Canada and Australia, Mahima oversees the regulatory activities for successful product development, registration and commercialization. Her expertise in aligning the brand requirements with that of the regulatory needs has helped Freyr establish long-term relationships with multiple clients.