Avoid Supply Chain Disruption Caused by China EHS Enforcement

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Matt Lyu
Tuesday , 31st Mar 2020
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Industries in China has been experiencing rounds of rigorous environmental protection inspections in recent years - a virtual “tidal wave” of enforcement. A number of enterprises and chemical plants have been subject to production cuts or even shutdowns due to non-compliance or violations of environmental issues, including manufacturers and suppliers of a number of companies based in North America and Europe. The global supply of products is at stake as well as the safety of the global supply chain. Enterprises traditionally conduct EHS compliance audits of their manufacturing and supplier sites so as to avoid compliance risks and ensure normal production and operation. However, with the frequently updated environmental protection policies and regulations in China, it seems that the traditional audit models do not function well enough for the penalized enterprises.

We examine the major EHS regulatory requirements in China, feature the recommended practices of EHS compliance audit for enterprises to maintain compliance, review challenges presented by supply chain disruptions, and discuss how downstream users in North America could effectively deal with and avoid supply chain disruptions occurring in China.

  1. EHS regulatory framework in China and policy priorities

  2. Enforcement of local governments in different regions

  3. Case study of how to improve our EHS audit model to prevent future supply chain disruptions

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  • Regulatory Consultant / ChemLinked Editor
    With a background in chemical engineering, Mr. Matt Lyu now focuses on the research of policies and regulations in regards to the environmental protection and hazardous chemicals safety management. As an EHS regulatory consultant, he helps chemical enterprises with best EHS compliance practices in China to survive the rigorous environmental protection obligations. As an editor in ChemLinked chemical portal, he provides essential intelligence with accurate and in-depth reports to help global chemical industry understand their changing compliance duties in Asia Pacific area.