Supply Chain Information (eSDS) Transfer under EU REACH Regulation

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Thursday , 19th Sep 2019
REACH24H Consulting Group China

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As we all know, the main goal of REACH regulation is to protect the environment and human beings. However, to achieve this goal, it is not enough to only complete the registration. For companies, getting the registration number is just the first step to comply with EU REACH regulation. Afterwards, company must fulfill the obligation of information transmission in the supply chain, that is, the transmission of eSDS. Substance-related information such as hazards need be transmitted to the relevant personnel to ensure that chemicals are safe to use. In this webinar, we will mainly introduce that what eSDS is, when eSDS is needed, when eSDS need be updated and other related information to help companies better understand eSDS and fulfill the obligation of information delivery, so that chemicals can be safely used by downstream users.

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  1. What is the eSDS?

  2. When is eSDS required?

  3. What should downstream users do when receiving the eSDS?

  4. When does eSDS need to be updated?

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