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China New Chemical Substance Registration 2021: Know Your Portfolio and Start Preparing Now

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Ting Shen
Tuesday , 24th Nov 2020

This webinar aims to give information to companies that do or do not have previous experience of registering chemicals under Regulation on China New Chemical Substance Registration. It will give you a basic understanding of the newly published Guidance on Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances in China, so as to identify the substances in your portfolio, which need to be registered, and get to know the required information and the main costs that need to be budgeted for registration purpose. You will also get a clear indication of how to move forward and where to find further information.

  1. Overview of Draft Guidance

  2. Case Study

  3. Advice on Complying Order No. 12 as well as Guidanc

  • Senior Chemical Regulatory Consultant
    Ms. Ting Shen has more than 5 years working experience in product stewardship and regulatory compliance service for industrial chemicals in A-P region. Her experience in working with more than 30 global companies provides her with deep understanding of chemical regulation itself and solid advice on strategic plans to help companies comply with chemical registration work.