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Prepare for Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration

Nadine He, Shawn Xiang
Wednesday , 14th Jan 2015
REACH24H Consulting Group China

Effective from 11 Dec 2014, Taiwan's new and existing chemical registration regulation will present some major challenges for industry. This webinar examines the regulatory landscape companies must traverse to be successful in Taiwan's market. It looks closely at the data requirements for chemical registration, addresses some common concerns, and provides practical tips for potential registrants.


Topic 1: Overview of Taiwan New & Existing Chemical Registration

Given by Nadine He

  • Introduction to Taiwan ECSI

  • New & Existing Chemical Registration under TCSCA

  • New Chemical Registration under OSHA

Topic 2: Compliance Advice on Taiwan Chemical Substance Registration

Given by Shawn Xiang

  • Introduction to Polymer Registration

  • Further Interpretation on Data Requirements

  • Special Registration Type and Data Sharing

  • Information Disclosure and CBI Protection Application

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  • Senior Regulatory Consultant
    Mr. Shawn Xiang is a recognized expert in China REACH, Taiwan TCSCA and Taiwan new & existing chemical registration. He has extensive hands-on experience in data gap analysis, project management, exposure scenario development, etc.